No Run Groups /w Open Passing


"Open Track. No Waiting" No waiting for your run group.  No waiting for a “point by”.  The track is open all day and passing is open.  We cater to serious drivers and … [Read More...]

35 Car Limit


"We believe the key to getting your time & money's worth at the track is having clear, traffic free laps." To maximize this we limit our events to 35 cars so that … [Read More...]

Famous Track Tour


“The real racing line – not the DE line” At each track Povoledo will conduct his now famous track tour pointing out details such as visual anchors, changes in grip … [Read More...]

7 Hours Track Time


“Customize a day to YOUR exact schedule” You came to drive, you came to test, you came to improve, you came to have fun! Spend as much time on the track as you can … [Read More...]

Skid Car


“Car control is the difference between the good and great” We believe car control is so important to a drivers ultimate safety and speed that we provide a skid car for … [Read More...]

Corner Spotting Video Review


"See yourself on track from a different perspective" As a teenager working at the racing schools of the UK, Povoledo was trained in the skills of reading a car’s body … [Read More...]

Pit Lane Support


"Check you psi and temps like the pros do" The first step to perfecting your cars set up is reading your tires.  To do this properly it must be done immediately as you … [Read More...]

Data Laps / Setup Advice


"Your chance to have a pro evaluate your car and compare your driving to his" Sessions are limited and based on a first come first serve basis. … [Read More...]

Race Braking Workshop


"Muscle memory 101" The way your brain is programmed to use a brake pedal is extremely different to what you need to do on a race track.  In this 20 min seminar Povoledo … [Read More...]